Development with a Difference

3D Leadership provide Management and Leadership development with a difference

At 3D our focus is on learning and leading for the 21st Century. So, we don’t offer traditional training programmes, but powerful and agile professional development based on up to the minute research and the principles of action & social learning, peer-coaching and group-supervision.

At the heart of our programmes is the S.O.S. model* which guides participants through an exploration of their key work-based challenges through the three perspectives of; Self, Other and Situation. This is a powerful group-based process that helps participants uncover the new perspectives and ideas needed to successfully address these challenges. This format is further enhanced by facilitated peer-supervision and group-coaching with the support of carefully selected technical input where appropriate. The overall process empowers individuals to fully explore and process their management or leadership challenge, generate innovative new ideas and return to work with effective and conclusive plans of action.

SOS Professional Development

This powerful and innovative approach to professional development can be used across a broad range of Management and Leadership issues. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic to maximise group learning around a chosen theme, which can include:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Team Performance
  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Impact
  • Influence and Negotiation

Agile Leadership Development

Agile Leadership is about moving beyond the historical competencies that have shaped successful leaders of the past into an arena that cultivates responsiveness, growth and creativity. This ground-breaking programme uses up to the minute research and group-work that helps leaders add true agility to their leadership capability by developing a mind-set that enables the transformation of complex business challenges and change initiatives into high levels of achievement.

Authentic Leadership Development

In addition to these programmes 3D also runs the only evidence-based approach to Authentic Leadership Development on the market. Download the brochure here. This also takes a group coaching approach and is based on the published work of 3D’s Managing Partner Dr Tony Fusco in ‘An Evidence-Based Approach to Authentic Leadership Development’ (Routledge, 2018). Book Flyer. See what past participants have to say about this deeply impactful approach to Authentic Leadership Development by clicking on the video.

Coaching & Coach Supervision

In addition to our SOS workshops and Authentic Leadership Development we also offer Leadership, Management and Team coaching services.

The Partners at 3D have extensive coaching experience helping both public and private sector organisations support their key individuals and teams to perform at their optimum. We also offer one-to-one and group supervision to help organisations support their own internal coaches with their coaching practice.

About Us

The Partners at 3D Leadership are professional Coaching Psychologists and Coach Supervisors and have worked extensively in Leadership Development for 20 years in some of the UK’s leading public and private sector organisations such as:

Atkins / Aviva / BAE / BP / Capita / Centrica / DfID / Dyson / Exxon / Environment Agency / Foreign & Commonwealth Office/ Home Office / Infineum / Johnson & Johnson / London Underground / Met Police / NHS England / Rolls Royce / Roche / Sellafield / Shell / Transport for London / United Response

*Dr Denham-Vaughan & Dr Chidiac (2013). SOS: A Relational Orientation Towards Social Inclusion.

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If you would like to discuss our approach to Leadership Development and how it can be used to effectively address the challenges in your organisation, please get in touch.